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Sportbike / June 9, 2017

stephanizx6rName Stephani McIntyre Location Columbus, Ohio Profession Corporate stuff Facebook I’m out there, but only if we’ve met and you’re cool! 🙂 Instagram @stephi.mac — My pup, @amberjoy_rr Year started riding 1998 First bike How I got into riding? My ex-hubby had a 1991 Suzuki Can-o-tuna that I thought was soooo sexy! It didn’t take long to move from the back of his bike to my own. # of rallies and years attended Every single one of them! Bike(s) 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 (The orange one!) and a 2006 TGB 50cc scooter (0-35 mph in 13 seconds…oh yeah!) Hobbies beyond riding Ice hockey, photography, writing, traveling, outdoorsy stuff. Astrological sign Pisces Height 5’ 8” Stuff I like My dog, a great filet mignon, inspirational people (and animals), organizing, learning new things, dancing, my friends who get me. Stuff I can’t stand Football, basketball, squids, pretending, holding yourself back, unnecessarily loud motorcycles of all kinds, feta cheese (it’s a texture thing). Chicks I dig Tiffany Weirbach, Rae Blues, Brittany Morrow, Paige Huston, Margie Lee, Lori Cannon, Dawn Chappell, Suzy Moody and my grandmother Joy. Celebrities do not impress me, although I do have a woman crush on Amy Schumer. Some of the most important things I’ve learned in life so far Living in fear of what people think of you keeps you from becoming who you truly are. In the words of an awesome movie I once saw with my 10-year old niece, “Let it go!” 🙂 Some of the things I’ve learned by attending the rally Best friends have been and continue to be made at this event. I can’t explain how it happens, but one thing is for sure, you truly get out of it what you put into it. If you come for free stuff…you’ll likely go home with free stuff. But if you come for a deeper purpose, like make new friends and meet some amazing women, then that is exactly what you’ll find if you decide to break out of your comfort zone. Come for the ride, come back for the friends! Goals Travel more than I currently am both on and off the bike. Favorite Quotes

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