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Sportbike / December 30, 2018

Though it looks like a modified Streetfighter, that Duc actually began life as a fully faired 1098 Superbike. After crashing it at a track day last year, transforming most of its bodywork (and some of his) into rubble, Bodden shipped it off to Nick Anglada Originals ( in Florida with instructions to transform it into a custom naked. “I’ve already done a lot of the work for you, ” Bodden sarcastically told him. “The rest is up to you.” What he got in return is far more exciting and elaborate than he anticipated.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this, ” says Anglada, whose previous enterprise, Custom Sportbike Concepts, mostly turned out radical sport machines with stretched swingarms, huge rear tires and elaborate paintwork. “I closed that shop and started NAO because I was over the whole bling thing. I wanted to concentrate more on high-performance stuff.”

When reworking Bodden’s 1098, Anglada had no desire to change the bike’s original spirit. “Ducati put years of its racing and engineering expertise into this machine, ” he said. “I just tried to create something cool and different that would still be…well, a Ducati.”

That it certainly is, since three of the elements that play the biggest role in a Ducati’s unique character—the frame, swingarm and engine internals—were left stock. Before having the frame powdercoated by Johnny Gall at Rhythmic Racing, Anglada did need to weld on necessary brackets for the CRG billet rearsets; and because the bike is a naked, he cut off all the bodywork-mounting tabs.

Anglada also slightly enhanced the Duc’s engine performance by bolting on a Double Dog Moto titanium exhaust system that not only showcases some of the most gorgeous welds in the history of metal fusion but also weighs just 9 pounds, 13 less than stock. A Bazzaz Z-FI TC fuel-mapping and traction-control system helps optimize the benefits of the less-restrictive 2-into-1 exhaust.