How to Turn a Motorcycle Effectively to Improve Corner Entry

How to Corner on a Sportbike?

Sportbike / February 1, 2018

The essence of motorcycle riding is cornering: many motorcycle riders agree with that. You may keep enhancing your cornering skills for the rest of your life, and you will probably never reach full perfection (well, maybe with the exception of Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa).

What kind of mistakes are often made in corners, and what is the reason for those mistakes? What can you do about it? What is the perfect line, and how do you find it? When do you brake, and what is the right speed for a corner?

Reading about cornering is, of course, not enough: you will have to practise, practise, practise.

Here some tips on how to do that

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So how do you ride through a corner?

Cornering together

In de flow...

Sometimes, everything seems to fit together. Without being aware what you are doing, you choose the ideal line, you instinctively feel how every corner will behave, and you ride with the right speed, in the right gear, without thinking with hindsight that you could have had a higher speed, and you never get the upsetting thought that your speed is too high for the corner.

Practise conciously

Counterintuitively, you get in the flow most easily when you also try, from time to time, to be really conscious of what you do when cornering.

In cornering, everything is important: how you look through the corner in advance, how you plan your line, hou you sit on the motorcycle, how you start the corner, how you use the throttle and how you shift, how you brake in advance, and sometimes, unfortunately, how you brake or swerve in the corner itself.

Of course, reading alone will not make you better in cornering: you will have to practise, and learn to feel what happens.

But reading about cornering may help you there.


Looking further and further and further...

By far the most important thing to do to get your cornering fluent, is, as always with motorcycle riding, *looking*.

Judge corners

You will have to learn to judge corners, in order to be able to enter an unknown corner with the right entry speed, and in the right gear..

By looking far ahead, you can sometimes see corners long before you have arrived there, and follow the line of the road by viewing trees or lamp posts, even when you don't see the surface of the road.