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Aprilia Moto

Cycle World: Mr. Zanolini, how well did the Moto Guzzi Stelvio and the Aprilia CapoNord sell during their respective lives?
Davide Zanolini: Moto Guzzi Stelvio had two separate editions, the first in production from 2008 to 2011, and the second in production from 2011 to 2016. In total the Stelvio sold about 7, 000 units. In comparison the short lived Aprilia CapoNord 1200 sold better totaling about 5, 000 from 2013 to 2016.

CW: Throughout our tests, the Aprilia CapoNord 1200 confirmed that it had solid qualities, even when compared with the best in its class. Was there in your opinion no possibility of saving it?
DZ: We knew the qualities of the CapoNord, featuring innovative solutions like semi-active electronically managed suspension. Yet its sales did not justify the cost of meeting Euro 4. This was a necessary decision to save resources that will be used to develop a future generation of top quality Aprilia projects. The same goes for Moto Guzzi Stelvio. As with Aprilia, radically new Moto Guzzi models might appear as early as EICMA 2017, and the big novelties will debut at EICMA 2018.

DZ: The Aprilia 1200cc Vee Twin is an excellent engine, state of the art all around. It became the euro 4-conforming new Aprilia 900cc 90° Vee Twin by combining its stroke with the 750’s bore and refining its excellent combustion. But we must adapt the Aprilia brand to the expectations of a younger audience – hence the new, very accessible 900cc unit. And there will be more Aprilia models in the intermediate displacements from 125cc to 900cc.

The new Aprilia 900cc Vee Twin is rated at about 95Hp at 8, 750RPM and with wide torque peaking at 66.4 lb-ft/6500RPM. The numbers sound adequate for an entry level maxi-enduro based on CapoNord experience. Is this in Aprilia’s future?
DZ: Not upgrading CapoNord 1200 to Euro 4 does not mean we are uninterested in the maxi-enduro segment. Aprilia will market the new Shiver and Dorsoduro powered by the euro 4-conforming 900cc 90° Vee Twin. This is a major fact for 2017, and Aprilia will expand the range of its models in that displacement. Now is too early to discuss these projects.

Last year we tested the V7 II Stornello, a light enduro model based on the V7 chassis and that was fun. Then the V7 evolved into the new “hemi head” V9 which is euro 4 homologated, more powerful and with extra torque. Can we expect a V9 Stornello?
DZ: At Moto Guzzi they are hard at work on a totally new engine, very advanced, a radical evolution compared to the present V7, V9 and V1400 units. It is due to complete this range of units and I will not say more at this date. We expect to be able to introduce some radical Moto Guzzi novelty at EICMA 2017, though at its concept stage.


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