Custom Dirt Bike Suspension
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Custom Dirt Bike Suspension

Everyone can go for a ride on one of our bikes during the first moto at high point with 37 Darryn Durham!!

Unlike most performance suspension systems, PR2 Racing Technology suspensions are not built on an assembly line with generic valving and stored in a warehouse. Our suspension services are built one-off, and tuned specially for you or your rider.

We build suspensions for riders at all levels of riding and racing, from the professional ranks to the mini rider looking to begin his or her quest to race at the highest level of competition.

Each and every PR2 order is 100% custom built and valved to the customer’s exact needs and for maximum performance.

Selecting the proper valving and spring rates for your application is part of the custom fork/shock building process. When you place your order with PR2 Racing Technology, you will be asked to provide as much information about riding ability and your motorcycle as possible so that we can coordinate selecting the proper setup for your bike.

Please take time to fill out and submit our Suspension Work Request Form, and a PR2 Representative will contact you to get started.

Here is a list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Fork revalve
  • Fork rebuild
  • Shock revalve
  • Shock rebuild
  • Linkage systems

Suspension Revalve

The original equipment suspension of your vehicle has been developed/tuned to accommodate a broad range of rider physical sizes, ability levels, and types of riding including pure recreational riding. The PR2 Revalve process begins with rider specific information such as Weight, Height, Type of riding (MX, SX, AX, Off-Road, to Trail / Recreational), and Skill level. All of these variables are considered when custom tuning your suspension to suit your specific racing/riding needs. Drawing from a database comprised of countless hours of testing with top level riders, Valving systems and related components are carefully assembled to exacting specifications. The suspension components are completely disassembled, meticulously cleaned then inspected/measured for any pieces damaged, worn or out of tolerance. Only original equipment wear parts are used to insure a perfect fit and feel every time. Working surfaces are carefully inspected then polished, lapped or honed as required. The Fork or Shock is final assembled using a unique anti-friction assembly lubricant and filled with premium grade suspension fluids. We guarantee satisfaction with every PR2 valving system!!

  • Fork Revalve $194.95 (50cc prices are less but vary depending on model)
  • Shock Revalve $189.95 (50cc prices are less but vary depending on model)



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