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Penn Yan Rail Bikes

Penn Yan, NY is located on the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail, making it a great spot for biking. The 7.0-mile trail winds through the village of Penn Yan and ranks among the top 25 trails in New York state.

Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is one of the Finger Lakes Region’s most popular biking trails. Located along the outlet of Keuka Lake, this trail offers cascading waterfalls, historic mill sites, rocky ravines, and other points of interest.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cyclist, the Keuka Outlet Trail is a great way to explore Central New York wine country. It’s a multi-use trail with historical and architectural sites to keep you interested, including a new pavilion at the Cascade Mills site. The trail is open year-round.

This 7-mile loop is a popular bike ride in the Finger Lakes Region. With a mix of gravel and dirt, it’s not a challenging trail for beginners or advanced cyclists. Several picnic areas and outhouses are located along the trail.

Village of Penn Yan

Penn Yan is located on the eastern arm of Keuka Lake. It is a picturesque mill town with an intriguing main street. The historic district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are several trails in the area, but the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is one of the best. This scenic trail takes you along the former towpath of the Crooked Lake Canal. You can enjoy cascading waterfalls, millsite ruins, and rocky ravines.

Aside from the trail, the Keuka Lake Outlet waterway is a popular destination. A dam at the outlet controls the water levels. Water flows eight miles into Seneca Lake. Depending on the volume of water, the level of the outlet can be pumped up or down.

The Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is also a part of the “Crooked Lake Canal” waterway. This canal, built on the original track bed of the old Fall Brook Railroad, connected lakes by dropping 270 feet over eight miles.

7.0-mile length

The Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is a great family bike ride in the Finger Lakes region. The waterway is an eight-mile long inland waterway that connects Keuka and Seneca lakes. A portion of the trail is paved and some sections are unpaved.

The Keuka Lake Outlet is an aptly named trail that follows the path of a former canal. Its route is full of historical sights, such as old locks and cascading waterfalls. But its main claim to fame is its ability to link two Finger Lakes.

There are numerous rail trails throughout the Finger Lakes region. In particular, the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is a must-do for any biker or walker.

There are other lesser-known rail trails, too. However, the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is one of the best. Not only does it pass 40 mills, but it also features some spectacular cascading waterfalls.

Ranks 25th in New York State

If you are a fan of biking, or want to check out the region’s scenery, then the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is a must. The trail is a 7-mile route that links two of New York’s most scenic Finger Lakes. It also boasts numerous waterfalls, as well as mill sites and dams. In fact, it is one of the state’s largest multi-use state trails. Combined with the many other attractions that make up the area, the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is arguably the perfect day trip from Rochester or Syracuse.

In terms of bike trails, the state of New York has a wealth of options, from the quaint little Penn Yan Rail Bike Dirt Bike Outlet to the sprawling Empire State Trail, which runs from Buffalo to Albany and is the longest multi-use state trail in the country.


The Keuka Outlet Trail is a seven mile long trail located in the Finger Lakes region of New York. It follows the former railroad corridor, and features rocky ravines, cascading waterfalls, and remnants of 19th century mills.

Rail biking, or rail riding, is a relatively new form of transportation, in which people ride a recumbent style bike on an abandoned railroad track. The bikes are often equipped with hand brakes, two sets of pedals, and an Erector Set-style seat. This type of transportation is a unique way to get around the Finger Lakes area.

The Keuka Outlet Trail is a 7-mile-long trail that starts in the town of Penn Yan and ends in the town of Dresden. While most of the trail is paved, there is a section that is unpaved. The Penn Yan portion of the trail begins at the sports complex at the north tip of Keuka Lake.


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