Dirt Bike Rear Shock
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Dirt Bike Rear Shock

Not everyone realizes how important shock absorbers are, no matter what kind of vehicle they drive. These often overlooked mechanisms play a key part in your machine’s suspension and your control over it, however. Good, fresh shocks are a must for any machine. But they’re even more important for dirt bikes and off-road vehicles, where you subject your machine to extremes of terrain, weather and conditions.

If your bike shocks are worn or you have simply decided it is time for an upgrade, Dennis Kirk stocks a full lineup of quality dirt bike shocks. A small investment in these devices will pay big dividends in more control of your bike and more comfort in your ride. Thanks to our low-price guarantee, you can get the best dirt bike shocks here at the lowest prices around. Because we stock everything we sell, we can get these shocks to you fast. And we guarantee your full satisfaction with our no-hassle return policy.

Whether you ride motocross, track bikes, trail bikes or dual sports, you will find exactly the right shock absorber for the type of riding you do and the brand of bike you ride. We also stock shocks at many price points to suit just about any budget.

Dennis Kirk carries dependable shocks that look good and perform well but won’t break the bank. Featuring glossy black bodies with dual chrome springs upper collars, these Emgo Classic shocks come with stepped pre-load adjusters.

If you’re into peak performance, consider shocks like our top-of-the-line products from Progressive Suspension. Made in the U.S., these high-pressure gas monotube shocks can be adjusted to adapt to conditions and individual riding styles. Some have remote hydraulic adjusters that make it a snap to adjust your suspension to accommodate all types of passengers and loads.


Source: www.denniskirk.com

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