Dirt Bikes Motocross
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Dirt Bikes Motocross

This is a broad category of motorcycles, but these are typically classified as off-road bikes and are not street-legal in many states. These are lightweight motorcycles with rugged tires, high ground clearance, enhanced suspension and no headlights, taillights or mirrors.

That doesn’t exactly define your bike? No worries, because we offer dirt bike, motocross and off-road motorcycle insurance. In fact, we’ll insure just about any type of off-road bike (or motorcycle) and almost any use for it. Just get a and tell us what type of bike you have, and you’ll likely qualify for insurance today. Common types of dirt bikes we insure include:

  • Dirt bikes
  • Motocross bikes
  • Pit bikes
  • Off-road bikes
  • Honda CR and CRF Series
  • Suzuki RM Series
  • KTM SX and M/XC Series

Most popular off-road and dirt bike insurance coverages

There are many different uses for these types of bikes, so we offer a range of coverages to help you stay protected no matter how you use your bike. We insure off-road bikes and dirt bikes under our motorcycle insurance policies, so you’ll get all of the same coverages as you would if you were insuring a traditional motorcycle. See all of our motorcycle insurance coverages (these still apply to dirt bikes).

Bodily injury & property damage liability (BI/PD)

This coverage is automatically included and pays for any damage you could cause to other bikes, property (signs, fences, etc.) and even injuries to other riders. Plus, this can also help you pay for legal expenses if you’re sued.

Comprehensive & collision

Another common coverage that protects your bike. If you have damages to your bike, this helps you pay for them. It even covers you if you’re bike is stolen. With comprehensive and collision, you pick a deductible (which is the part of the claim you pay). For example, if you have $1, 500 in damages and a $1, 000 deductible, you pay $1, 000. We’ll pay the rest. Usually, the higher your deductible is, the lower your dirt bike insurance cost is.


Source: www.progressive.com

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