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How to corner on a sportbike

Mastering the art of cornering on a sportbike is crucial for both safety and performance. Here are some key steps to help you corner with confidence:

1. Positioning: Approach the corner in the correct position, keeping your body upright and relaxed. Your eyes should focus on the desired line through the corner.

2. Entry: Gradually apply the brakes, smoothly transitioning to a controlled speed that allows you to maintain control throughout the turn. Shift your body weight towards the inside of the corner to maintain balance.

3. Apex: As you reach the apex, initiate the turn by leaning your sportbike using countersteering. Gently apply and modulate the throttle to maintain a steady speed.

4. Exit: As you begin to exit the corner, gradually increase the throttle to regain vertical balance and maximize acceleration.

Remember these additional tips:

– Smooth inputs are key for maintaining control and stability.
– Practicing proper body positioning and weight distribution will enhance cornering ability.
– Be cautious of road conditions, including gravel or wet surfaces, that may affect traction.
– Gradually increase your speed and lean angle as you gain confidence and experience.

With practice and experience, you’ll improve your cornering skills and enjoy the thrill of navigating twists and turns on your sportbike.

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