How to Race a Dirt Bike
Image by Ray Miller from Pixabay

How to Race a Dirt Bike?

There’s no disputing that your helmet is the most critical piece of motocross gear. Nothing is more important than your brain, and few things require this level of protection. From entry-level to professional racing, all Fox MX helmets are designed to inspire confidence. Watch our Fox Racing helmet comparison to find the perfect helmet for you.

MIPS, Multi-Directional Impact Protection system, is a low friction layer between the helmet which provides additional protection by reducing rotational forces upon an angled impact. This patented brain protection system, combined with our superior helmet design, will take your protection to the next level.

Inspired by Ryan Dungey’s dedication to be the best, the V3 helmet is built to perform and protect so you can ride with confidence.

Form-fitted for a secure feel.

14 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum ventilation.

DRI-LEX comfort liner wicks sweat and has a luxurious feel.

Fox Racing dirt bike helmets are trusted and worn by more supercross champions than any other brand. Fox’s mission has been, and always will be, to make the smartest, most advanced MX Helmets in motocross. Inspired by our world-class athletes, we continue push the envelope with our moto helmet engineering, design and technology. From entry level to professional racing, all Fox Helmets are technology designed to inspire confidence. For the ultimate in protection, look for the MIPS seal (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which in laboratory tests, adding the MIPS layer reduced rotational acceleration by dampening crash forces and decreasing stress to the brain. No matter what you call it, moto, mx, dirt bike or motocross, Fox Racing continues to be the leader in helmets.



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