Photo by Nicholas Dias from Pexels

How to sell a motorcycle?

Browse the standard set of ads in your city, make an advertisement on social media sales groups and even on forums. Accurately describe the condition of the motorcycle without missing any information about defects or fault history. Be respectful of people who will be riding your motorcycle for many miles.

A good photo

How to quickly sell a motorcycle? Certainly not with the help of quick photos taken with a mobile phone. And never take pictures of a motorcycle with a mobile phone in a dark garage. Here you need a high-quality photo, on a good background from You can choose any background: mountain roads, desert tracks, forest trails – each is suitable for advertising your vehicle. There are no people in the background, no objects that can distract from the main image.


The glossy finish encourages the buyer to buy, making the bike more visually appealing.

You can take beautiful pictures of a clean motorcycle and you will notice any paint defects that can be removed before the buyer arrives.

Rub plastics with a special paint refresher, black ones should also be smeared with a suitable liquid.

Thoroughly clean metal parts to ensure your equipment looks like new in photos.

The documents

A vehicle registration certificate, insurance, and a vehicle card are the bare minimum. If you have repaired a motorcycle, it is nice when you have invoices or orders, and even better – before and after photos. If you imported equipment from abroad, it would also be nice to show your documents.

Photo by Nicholas Dias from Pexels

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