Places that Sell Dirt Bikes
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Places that Sell Dirt Bikes

A used dirt bike is a great way to get into the sport or upgrade from a current bike you’ve outgrown without breaking the bank. A used dirt bike is obviously much less expensive and the cash saved can be spent towards upgrades and replacement parts that fit your riding style.

However, you can also end up with someone else’s junker if you’re not careful. Therefore, buying a used dirt bike requires some mechanical knowledge and a bit of savviness. Knowing where to go is your first step because most people don’t ride dirt bikes around the neighborhood with “For Sale” signs stuck to the back fender.

Where to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

The best place to buy a used dirt bike and where you’re least likely to get ripped off is at your local Motocross track. That’s probably the first place most riders looking to sell their dirt bikes would post an advertisement. Local riding clubs are a great bet too. Get in with one and you’ll be miles ahead. Someone will know someone who is trying to sell their old dirt bike.

Plus, if you’re a parent with a young one and with the growth spurt Motocross is presently enjoying lots of kids ride today and those same kids eventually grow out of that first and second dirt bike. There’s a good chance you’ll see those bikes for sale on a bulletin board at your home track. Buying a used dirt bike is a great way to introduce your child to the sport without dumping your savings account on a brand new bike. If he or she decides it’s not for them or they bust it up their first time out, you’ve saved yourself a bit of financial heartbreak. See our Kids Dirt Bikes – Choosing the Right Starter Bike to help you decide what bike is best suited for your child.

If you’re having a hard time finding a used dirt bike for sale or the right one for your riding needs then look at local online dirt bike forums and then finally Craigslist. While, it’s hoped that acquaintances or people you see weekly at the track are on the up-and-up, be vigilant wherever you shop but especially with strangers from the Internet. Craigslist is a popular place for used dirt bikes, as you’ll soon discover, but don’t take their descriptions at face value. See the bike for yourself and inspect it closely.

This photo is similar to what you’ll see in a “Used Dirt Bike for Sale” flyer or ad

Whatever bike you’re looking at purchasing the advertisement should include photos and general specifications like the model and model year, brand, engine size and type. Dirt bikes also come with a VIN which you can have checked through the DMV for $25. Check out How to Read and Check Your Motorcycle or ATV VIN for more information and where to find the VIN if the owner doesn’t know.

Lastly, some dealers buy and sell used dirt bikes. You won’t get the same deal as you would through a private party but a reputable seller is likely to stand behind the integrity of the bike and even offer a limited warranty.

Test Ride and a Mechanic

If you’re a parent who knows nothing about dirt bikes you’ll need to do some homework. Find a trusted friend who does know something or locate a mechanic who can check out the engine mechanics. Get their approval before handing over cash.



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