Handmade kydex holster for pistol on a grungy wood table
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Popular accessory

The holster is now very popular.  And this is logical, since this irreplaceable thing, which is a small handbag.  You can buy this type of clothing directly from aliengearholsters.com.

What are the types of holsters?

The holster is a special case, the parameters of which can be universal or modified.

The design can be open, semi-closed or closed.  Modern manufacturers offer the following categories of fixtures, divided by placement method:

  1. Belt holster – the most common type of cover, can be placed on the belt over and under clothing.
  2. Hip models – the holster is fixed in the thigh area with the help of a belt fastening system.
  3. Shoulder structures – located in the armpit area, thanks to the ability to adjust the straps, it can be adjusted to absolutely any type of figure.
  4. Tactical holsters – equipped with a special system that provides a secure attachment to almost any type of clothing.

For the manufacture of the holster, genuine leather, cordura, nylon and polymer materials are used.

When choosing a holster, you need to pay attention to the criteria that it must meet:

  • security;
  • wearing comfort;
  • reliable retention;
  • strength of the material and its durability, as well as reliable protection against moisture ingress;
  • the ability to adjust the straps so that the holster does not hinder movement;
  • the accessory should not damage clothes or shoes when worn constantly.

The price of the product also plays an important role.  But nevertheless, a high-quality holster cannot be cheap.  It must be made of genuine leather, regardless of what will be in it and who will wear it.

How to choose a product?

In fact, there are no good or bad cases.  You need to choose based on the goals and conditions in which this accessory will be used.  Despite the fact that you can buy a holster of a universal type that will suit most people, it is best to have several models in your arsenal, designed for different purposes and situations.

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