Sportbike Armor
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Sportbike Armor


2017 Date: Monday, August 21. More dates TBA depending on demand.


A Non-Sportbike Track Day is the most exciting, fun and effective way to improve your riding skills…period! And you will have a freakin’ BLAST.

In an effort to encourage more types of riders to experience the racetrack, and to learn more about their bike and ability, we are offering this SPECIAL track day training day for NON-SPORTBIKE RIDERS.

Non-Sportbike Track Days are held on a closed course (racetrack), which means you learn in a safe environment and at real-world speeds (not race speeds). Learning on a racetrack allows you to ride freely and concentrate on and advancing your skill level without the typical hazards faced on the street…potholes, sand, tar snakes and Buicks.

Even though we see many non-sportbike machines at our regular TTD events, we know that there are people who ride Cruisers, Baggers, Tourers, Adventure bikes, and Sport Tourers who would feel more comfortable riding on the track with other non-sportbike machines. Fun with riders with a more relaxed attitude is what this day is all about. As an inevitable bonus, you will learn how to corner and brake with a lot more confidence and control.

It’s the best investment in fun and skill development money can buy.


Classroom sessions are included in the price of your day.

The instruction you’ll receive is not about “how to ride” – it’s about “how to ride better”. As long as you are currently riding your motorcycle on the road, we’ll help you ride it better!

While parking lot courses have their place, riding your bike on a track will let you practice riding skills at real-world speeds – without the normal distractions found on public roads (like cars, sand, cops, etc)

Throughout the day, you will alternate between voluntary classroom sessions and on-track sessions. Benefit from discussions and demonstrations of advanced riding technique that you can then try on the track.




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