Sportbike Paint Jobs
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Sportbike Paint Jobs

Fairing Repair, Plastic Welding and Painting Pricing & Estimates

What is this page for?

You can use this page to give yourself your own cost estimate. There are no complex rules that we use and we have not hired an actuary to help us price our work (We probably should). But until we do, this means the process is essentially transparent to you, so much so that if you read and completely understand our pricing methods then your self-estimate should closely resemble ours. There is quite a bit of information to cover here but none of it is difficult to understand or complex.

ALL Jobs require a deposit before any work can begin.

Deposits are required to purchase materials that are specific to your work order. We require payment in full on jobs estimated at $500 and under before we can begin the work. This is due to the high cost of materials for smaller jobs. Work orders that are above $500 require a minimum of 50%. We cannot accept any parts without a deposit. Deposits safeguard us against false starts and it guarantees that your job-specific materials will be purchased immediately. We prefer paypal but can accept a personal check included with the parts when shipped. Cash is accepted for local transactions.

Single Fairing Repairs and Painting

Inidivual fairings can be repaired and painted to match existing paint schemes. Its always best to paint more than one fairing if you can and need additional repairs. This is because of the cost of the paint and minimum mixing requirements (MMR). MMRs are often required in order to get the correct color. The smallest amount of paint that can be accurately measured is one tenth of a gram. To get an idea of how sensitive a measurement that is, you can register 1/10th of a gram with air by waving your hand downward over our scale. Some paints may have .1 gram of metallic flake in an entire gallon. That means that the minimum amount of paint you could make for that color is 1 gallon. This happens more often than you’d think. I’d say 50% of our bike colors have some kind of MMR although most of them are a few ounces not an entire gallon but that does happen. So as you can see it makes sense to do as many fairings in a given session as you can. Excluding trim panels, most single farings range from $150 to $450 depending on damage, number and type of colors and the complexity of the paint scheme.

Complete Body Repairs and Painting

An entire Sport bike body can typically be repaired and painted a single color with a few vinyl decals for approximately $800. A two color paint scheme with a few decals can usually be done for $1000 and 3 colors for $1200 also with vinyl decals. We can also produce decals in paint that look identical in shape and color to their vinyl counterparts.

If your bike has minor to moderate body damage then the 3 prices above will very likely be exactly what you’ll pay. We consider moderate damage to be some light road rash, a few small cracks and/or small voids. If your plastics are more heavily damaged than what we’ve just described, you will have a slightly higher repair bill. Even the worst damage will not raise the price more than $200. Obviously something that is incredibly destroyed is not likely to be worth repairing however its rare that fairings ever see that kinds of damage assuming you have all the material – Pick up those broken pieces!! Don’t assume your bike is beyond repair. You would without a doubt be surprised at the typical repairs we do on a daily basis.

There are ways to reduce your cost. There are ways to drive it up. The number one most excellent way to raise your cost is to paint the plastics with a rattle can. The reason for the rattle can price increase is chemical. We use high quality automotive paint, the thinners and the paint (color) itself are much stronger chemically speaking than the poor quality enamels that pass for paint in spray cans. Because of this, the spray can paint will almost always react chemically and begin dissolving once the good paint comes into contact with it. The new paint acts very much like paint stripper. Another problem with poor quality paint jobs is adhesion. You can think of each layer of paint as a link in a chain. The poorest adhering layer is going to be the weakest link. If you have a high quality, $400 per quart base coat going on top of sealer on top of spray paint you are throwing your money away. The weak paint underneath will give way easily. When it lets go of the body and chips, so will your high priced paint. Obviously extra time and steps must be followed to either remove entirely or seal permanently the low quality spray can paint. Hand sanding all of the paint off of a previously painted motorcycle will raise your total cost by a minimum of $200 for a full body paint job. You can attempt this yourself and we will give you as much guidance as we can. As mentioned we can also apply a sealer however; we do not recommend using sealers because they are no guarantee against reactions or other failures. If insisted upon the typical cost to seal a full faired bike is $120.

If you want to paint your bike yourself – go for it! Just make sure you do it the right way. Spend the money on good paint. You can still get great results with a $20 Chinese touch up gun and a $100 compressor.

There are a few additional conditions which increase the final cost, these conditions are described as follows:

Excessive damage will require more time to repair and therefore will increase the overall cost of the job at hand. We do our best to identify these types of issues before work begins. However, it is not completely uncommon to find that a panel has already been repaired (often poorly or with the wrong type of repair methods and materials) once we begin removing the top layers of paint. This type of repair work needs to be removed entirely before proper repairs can be performed. We will notify you of any potential cost changes immediately. If you know that the parts have been worked on previously it is best to let us know up front as opposed to have us find out later.


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