STG Sportbike
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STG Sportbike

I got these warmers just in time for a track day – STG shipping on time as usual!
Using street tires you can get by without warmers, but those first few laps you need to be so careful. If you want to try any type of race tire forget it.
These warmers are very high quality, well stitched and with quality velcro for an easy fit. Even on a 200/50/17 rear I had good cover and the tires reached temp on a cold morning in about 35-40mins. The simple amber/green light tells you when they are at temp, and my temp probe showed they were spot on. After a session and back on the warmers I was at temp very quickly – no unnecessary heat cycles!
The side walls only just make the rims, so they don’t protect from the wind like more expensive warmers, but for the price you can’t go wrong.

Fantastic warmers

Great Product/Great Price/Great Customer Service

great deal

Great value!

Great price

Great Investment

The Tire Warmers were packaged well and delivered on time. Follow the instructions on the video and you can’t go wrong. The best investment I have made so far other than suspension set up. Warmers worked great and inspired confidence on the track. I was able to shave a total of 18 sec off my lap times by the end of the day. I saved $100 from other brands and a Chicken Hawk owner complemented them and said, “Great deal, warmers aren’t a complex system and this brand works just right”. I use them for track days only and they are perfect. Don’t second guess yourself, it’s a great buy.

Great tire warmer

Really pleased with these especially considering the price, looking forward to using them over and over


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