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Supermoto VS Sportbike

Sportbike Vs Supermoto Comparisons

When you’re buying a motorcycle, you’re likely to be wondering whether you’re better off buying a sport bike or a supermoto. The two are different from one another in terms of suspension travel, wheel size, weight and price. Here are some comparisons that may help you choose.

Suspension travel

It’s difficult to compare the suspension travel of a street legal supermoto with that of a sport bike. Both have their own merits. A motocross bike requires longer suspension to get the best grip on rough terrain, while a sport bike can be ridden on paved roads.

When it comes to the most basic differences between the two, the biggest one is how much suspension travel is offered. Unlike the offroad bikes of yore, sportbikes are relatively short, but still feature plenty of suspension travel to keep the rider comfortable.

Wheel size

One of the key questions in comparing sportbike wheels to supermoto wheels is what is the best wheel size to use. For this type of bike, manufacturers have found that the 17″ wheel is the ideal size for a good performance street wheel.

A 17″ tire is the largest diameter available on the market for a race or performance street wheel. It is also the most common. However, you can get a smaller diameter tyre and still be able to run on street legal tyres.

Choosing the right wheel size for your type of bike is an important step in making sure your ride is safe and fun to ride. There are many factors to consider, such as your riding style, your budget, and your personal preferences.

Husaberg FS650e

The Husaberg FS650e is one of the best Super Moto bikes you can buy. It has a strong and reliable engine, excellent suspension, and is a track ready machine.

Supermotos are smaller and lighter than most street bikes. This makes them more agile and nimble. They are also designed to go off road, and to ride over rough terrain.

The Husaberg FS650e is powered by a 628cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine. This motor produces 64 hp at 6,300 rpm, and 49 lb-ft torque at 6,100 rpm. With a compression ratio of 11.8:1, the FS650e will make a powerful punch.

Aprilia SVX550

The Aprilia SXV550 supermoto is one of the most powerful bikes in its class. Despite its small size, it has a great power-to-weight ratio. It has a good top speed and is very controllable.

The engine is a V-twin designed to be lightweight. There are also some interesting design features, such as cylinders built into the engine cases. This results in less vibration, and more power. Also, the crankshaft has a light weight.

The gearbox is also very compact, so the bike has a very low profile. Another notable feature is the braking system. These bikes have large, powerful radial calipers.

990 SM R

The 990 SM R sportbike from KTM is the perfect choice for riders looking for a quality, versatile machine. It features the most advanced twin-cylinder engine in the world, a perfectly balanced chassis, and high-quality components.

With a 115 horsepower, a water-cooled V-twin, and Bosch 9M+-ABS, the 990 SM R is more than ready to face any riding situation. Whether it is on the racetrack or the urban jungle, this bike delivers a grin inducing ride.

The 990 SM R has a tubular space frame with conical profiles, which contributes to its mechanical grip. The handlebars are double-butted aluminum, which offers leverage and aids perfect vehicle control.


The KTM 690 SMC R sportbike is an attempt by KTM to take the supermoto concept to the next level. It combines elements of road racing, dirt track and street legality into one compact package.

For the rider, the new 690 is a riot to ride at all speeds. The engine delivers silky mid-range and a smooth feel throughout the rev range. It’s also capable of tight technical bends and has a smooth, quiet six-speed gearbox.

In addition to the usual bike-enhancing technology, the 690 features a ride-by-wire system that enables quickshifts and improved throttle response. This is in conjunction with an electronic suspension, traction control and Supermoto ABS.

Yamaha WR250X

Supermoto is a type of motorcycle, also known as a super motard, that is essentially a dirt bike with road wheels. They are easy to handle and maneuver, making them a good choice for beginners. In addition to being more maneuverable, they are also a bit lighter than typical sport bikes.

The Yamaha WR250X is a street legal dirt bike, modeled after a supermoto. This makes it the ideal dual-sport motorcycle to ride on the road. However, because it is a DOT street bike, it isn’t a great off-road bike.


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