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Wera Motorcycles Racing

WERA Motorcycles Racing

WERA Motorcycles Racing is one of the oldest sanctioning bodies in the game. It runs a variety of events at road courses all over the country. They also boast a slew of AMA co-sanctioned events. Their main event is the Concours d’ Elegance at Barber Motorsports Park in July. This is one of the most prestigious and coveted motorcycle races in the nation, and you can bet that the pros will be on full display at this year’s edition.

The organization has a surprisingly rich history, spanning more than 40 years, and has produced some of the fanciest names in the business. One of their most recent achievements was the naming of its track as the 2017 AMA Track Organizer of the Year. In addition to the track, the company produces an annual series of vintage races and competitions, as well as a number of events with AMA co-sanction. Among its most notable winners include MotoAmerica, who have won a whopping six races at Barber Motorsports Park.

However, one of the most fascinating aspects of WERA is the organization’s long-term mission to promote motorcycle road racing among young adults. To do so, they have created a program that is the first of its kind in the nation. Among its offerings are a Riders School, a Sportsman Series, and a Vintage Racing Series. These programs are designed to encourage participation in the sport, and to promote a healthy environment for new and old riders alike.


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