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American Dirt Bike Companies

The majority of dirt bikes in the US are not actually made in the USA. Instead, many parts and components are imported from foreign countries. However, you can still find some truly American-made dirt bike brands.

Husqvarna is one of the most famous dirt bike companies in the world. Their dirt bikes are popular with younger riders and feature reliable engines. They are also known for their light weight designs.

Another well-known brand is Honda. These dirt bikes are known for their superior balance, durability, and handling. Many Honda models are marketed for beginners and more experienced motorcyclists.

While many American dirt bike manufacturers use foreign parts, others have specialized in the assembly of their own dirt bikes in the US. Companies such as Cannondale and Buell have produced dirt bikes that are made in the United States.

Earlier in the 20th century, the American motorcycle industry was dominated by Japanese manufacturers. But the global competition changed that. Eventually, other countries became well-known for their dirt bike brands.

Before the 1990s, the American market for high-end four-strokes was owned by ATK Motorcycles. Before 1998, the company also produced two-stroke and dual-sport bikes.

ATK began making its first four-stroke bike in 1985. Known as the ATK 560, the motorcycle was one of the most luxurious dirt bikes ever manufactured. Several other models were also released.

In the early 70s, Cooper Motorcycles was founded by Frank Cooper. He aimed to produce motorcycles between entry-level Japanese and European bikes.

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