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Roaring Toyz Yamaha R1 with the all new Outside Drive (O.S.D.) 330 Single Sided Swingarm Super Streetbike featured cover bike


From the December 2010 Issue of Super Streetbike Magazine
Story by: John Zamora

In the classic song One Piece At a Time, Johnny Cash sings about putting together a Cadillac by smuggling out parts from the factory in his lunch box over a 20 year period. When he finally had a complete car, he ended up with a monstrosity of metal and misaligned pieces. Custom bikes often follow that same road on their path to completion. Just like the story in the song, as each part is made to fit a specific model it won’t fit on newer versions.

The R1 has been the base for plenty of cool customs over the years. In 2009, the big Y shocked the motorcycling world with its MotoGP-inspired cross-plane motor encased in an all new chassis and fresh plastics. Since the R1’s reinvention, there’s been a sprint by builders to make parts to turn this race ready bike into a show stopping custom.

Roaring Toyz has always been at the forefront of the custom scene and the first to debut accessories, often before the bikes are even available to the public. RT’s owner, Robert Fisher, saw the latest R1 as the perfect platform to adapt its line of single-sided swingarms. “Since the first time I heard it run, I wanted to own one of these bikes. I found the cross-plane firing order on these engines very interesting and couldn’t wait to ride and customize one. I got the opportunity to buy one that had some body damage for a discounted price and jumped at the chance. We were launching our new billet single-sided swingarms and this was the perfect bike to release it on.”…

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Roaring Toyz featured on celebrating 10 Years as the Innovators of Custom Sportbike design.




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