Dirt Bike Deals
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Dirt Bike Deals

We live in times where kids can spend fun time as never before, enjoying amazing ride on toys their parents never even dreamed of. As your kids grow up, they fall in love with scooters, motorbikes or dune buggies – to name a few. Sooner or later, your kids will want to ride.

From the moment your children ask you if they can get a mini dirt bike, you will most certainly have mixed feelings. Obviously, you want your child to be happy and chances are that you are as excited as your kid (or even more so!)

As you move forward and start to look for a perfect dirt bike for your kid, you will think about safety, compare different kids’ dirt bike types, and wonder what size of the bike you should go for. Yes, choosing the right dirt bike for kids can be tough but we are here to help.

How do Dirt Bikes for Kids differ from regular Dirt Bikes?

Kids Dirt Bikes are generally smaller versions of the regular dirt bikes for adults. They are lightweight, easy to ride and often act as an introductory dirt bike for youngsters. However, there are some major differences you should know before you start to look for the kids dirt bikes for sale:

  • They are smaller in actual size. For example, Razor’s MX350 dimensions are 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches whereas the Kuberg Start electric motorbike for the youngest kids features a low 16-inch seat height and less than 45 pounds in weight. Of course, there are also slightly bigger models for more grown-up kids. But generally mini dirt bikes for kids are much smaller than the adult models.
  • They have small-sized engines. Until some years ago, gas powered dirt bikes were the only option available, with engines ranging from 50cc – typical for beginner riders – to stronger four-stroke engines up to 125cc. Although gas dirt bikes for kids are still in demand today, the electric dirt bikes are the ones that have been growing in popularity in recent years. Why? Due to their simplicity, silent and efficient low-maintenance operation, instant torque provided and attractive prices.
  • Youth Dirt Bikes are not built for street use. They generally do not meet the so-called “The Federal Minimum Requirement” for on-road motorcycles that every state requires. This effectively means that most dirt bikes for kids are not street legal and can be operated only on race tracks, private roads, or within private properties.
  • Limited suspension options. Dirt bikes aimed for children often have limited suspension options. Some models do not have suspension at all but they are typically low-cost entry models for the youngest children. Some more advanced models are equipped with both front and rear suspension. For example, popular feature dual suspension design to ensure a smooth off-road ride. Generally though, it’s worth to note that suspension elements in kids pit bikes are not as advanced as those seen in adult dirt bikes.

How Can Kids Benefit from Riding Youth Dirt Bikes ?

Kids love riding youth dirt bikes as every ride can easily turn into an exciting adventure! Youth dirt bikes can be a great way for young people to forget about TVs, Playstations, Virtual Worlds, Games, and replace those with an uber-important physical outdoor activity. Riding youth dirt bikes is not only super fun, but it also engages children’s bodies and minds.

Even more importantly, riding dirt bikes helps children develop motor skills, coordination and confidence. Kids that are physically active have stronger muscles, healthier hearts, and properly developed reflexes. Riding youth dirt bikes will definitely help young people build endurance, make them feel good, and feel happy! After all, what is more rewarding than seeing a smile on the face of a healthy child?

Perhaps the best way to explain the positive effects of riding dirt bikes by kids, is to look at this review from a happy customer who purchased a Kuberg Cross youth dirt bike on Amazon. Check it out, it’s worth reading. And as for the bike itself, here’s the 2016 edition where you can learn more.

How to Choose Mini Dirt Bikes for Kids?

Choosing the right youth dirt bike from a variety of available models can be a both fun and challenging process. It’s very important to choose wisely, especially if a young rider has never ridden a dirt bike before. Every child is different and you know yours best, but typically most kids are ready to start riding dirt bikes when they are 3-4 years old – or when they start being able to ride a bicycle without training wheels.


Source: www.kidsridewild.com

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