Precision Motorcycles Racing Modification
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Precision Motorcycles Racing Modification

The origins of Precision Concepts date back to the early seventies when a young Bob Bell first started modifying his 1970 Honda Z50 in his garage, building his own swing arm and modifying a pair of Yamaha AT1 shocks to fit. He had a passion for tinkering on his bikes and improving the way they handled and performed, and he continued that passion as he raced through the 1980s and early 1990s in local motocross, grand prix and desert events in southern California.

In 1994 Bob turned his passion into a career, renting part of a warehouse in El Cajon, CA and creating Precision Concepts. Bob specialized in improving the handing of dirt bikes by revalving the suspension internals and through word of mouth his business quickly grew over the following years. By 1998 Precision Concepts was building the race bikes for American Honda off road, creating a relationship that would last over a decade and lead to eleven straight Baja 1000 titles.

During that time Bob was taking everything he was learning from his working relationship with one of the most successful dirt bike manufacturers and translating it over to the parts and services he offered his customers, a practice that has continued to this day. He also expanded his services, offering motor work, general maintenance and full race bike preparation, and relocating the shop to Riverside, CA to be closer to the center of the SoCal off road market.

Since those early years, Precision Concepts has also branched out into numerous genres of off road riding and racing, providing services for adventure enthusiasts, short-track UTV racers, champion quad racers like Wayne Matlock and Corey Ellis, freestyle riders including former X-games gold medalist Kyle Loza, Nuclear Cowboyz rider Julian D’Usseau, and Nitro Circus rider Rich Kearns, women’s motocrosser Vicky Golden and off road suspension for icons of the sport like J.N. Roberts and Malcolm Smith.

In 2009 Precision Concepts developed a relationship with Kawasaki Motors Corp. and formed its own race team that continues competing at the highest level today. Participating in events ranging from WORCS and Big Six Grand Prix’s to National Hare and Hounds, SCORE and BITD desert races, and national motocrosses, it has supported former and current champions such as Taylor Robert, Robby Bell, David Pearson, Ricky Brabec, Steve Hengeveld, Jamie Lanza, Justin Seeds, and Ryan Abbatoye.


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