Dirt Bike Motorcycles
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Dirt Bike Motorcycles

Though most dirt bikes are not considered street legal, many insurance providers do offer a variety of motorbike insurance policies. Depending on your situation you can customize an insurance package to fit your dirt bike riding needs.

Dirt Bike Insurance Vs. Motorcycle Insurance

Dirt bikes and motorcycles are two different entities when it comes to insurance. Motorcycle liability insurance is designed to protect against on-road mishaps, but because dirt bikes are not considered road legal, you, as a dirt bike owner, will need coverage that better addresses your riding situation.

Dirt Bike Coverage Considerations

If you’re thinking about buying insurance for your dirt bike, consider:

  • Coverage against theft. Because dirt bikes do not require registration, they’re difficult to track making them easy targets for theft. When looking over the policy, make sure it also covers you against theft from your trailer or transportation utility―most car insurance policies will not cover theft from towed trailers.
  • Fire protection while the motorbike is in your garage or somewhere on your personal property.
  • Damage protection for when your dirt bike is being transported.

Customizing Dirt Bike Insurance Policies

Once you decide on what type of protection you want, you can start customizing a protection plan with some or all of the following policies:

  • Theft Insurance: This, more than any other coverage, should be at the top of your dirt bike insurance list.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This will cover your bike against fire, theft, vandalism and damages caused by acts of nature (tornados, floods, hail).
  • Collision Coverage: If you have a habit of colliding with trees or fence posts while riding off-road, consider this option.


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