Dirt Bike Springs
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Dirt Bike Springs

April is here and it brings with it the promise of warmer weather! Hopefully, your lawn mowers, tractors, and trailers have been prepped for spring, and now it is time to get those other fun toys like motorcycles, show cars, and dirt bikes ready for the road.

Good clean: If you didn’t do motorcycle maintenance at the end of last season, get out the soap and water. Dirt accumulation and other debris can hinder your performance when riding. Loctite® Naval Jelly® Rust Dissolver can remove rust build-up on the metal structures of your bike.

Fire it up: Start up your motorcycle and let it sit idle for a few minutes. Just like warming up a car, warming up your bike is essential after months of hibernation.

Fuel: If your fuel does not look consistent or appear to be in good condition, you may need to drain the line. A fresh tank of fuel is best for your motorcycle before riding.

Oil: Oil degrades as it sits idle for too long. Consequently, changing your oil before riding would be a good idea to ensure that your motorcycle performs well.

Spark Plugs: Check your spark plug in case it is time for a new one. For easy spark plug removal, use Loctite® Silver Anti-Seize Stick or Loctite® Anti-Seize Lubricant – Silver on your bike.

Battery: Check for any possible battery corrosion that might have occurred during storage. The corrosion can be cleaned off with a baking soda and water mixture and a toothbrush. If necessary, fill your battery ports with the appropriate amount of distilled water.

Lights: Check your headlights, taillights and brake lights before riding. To extend the life of bulb sockets and prevent voltage leakage, use Loctite® Dielectric Tune-Up Grease on your bike.

Tires: Storing your bike in a safe place in your garage without added weight will prevent stress on tires. There may be flat spots in tires, so check tire pressure, as it is likely to have declined due to the cold.

Brakes: Test your brakes before going for a long ride, as they might need replacing.

Fairings: Check for any bolts or screws that may be loose from vibration during riding. Loctite® Blue Stick Threadlocker or Loctite® 243™ Medium Strength Threadlocker will keep your screws and bolts secure during operation.

Fluids: Top off all fluids in your motorcycle, including brake, clutch, and coolant levels.

Leaks: Check your motorcycle for any potential fuel leaks or carburetor leaks.

Chain: Lubricate your chain before riding with Loctite® Gear, Chain & Cable Lubricant to repel dirt and extend the life of your chain.

Test the bike with a short ride before taking any long cruises in the warm weather.

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