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Dirt Bikes Near me


“It just wouldn’t run, ” he said. “We weren’t sure what it was.”

From that time, Lingwall can show dozens of text messages from the shop’s owner offering him excuses or promising that the bike would be done soon. But when he tried to schedule a time to pick up his bike, he said he was ignored.

“A year, a year and a half and then ignoring me and lying to me, ” said shop employee Lingwall said. “It’s just garbage.”

Get Gephardt left three messages for the shop. None were returned, so we stopped by the shop and spoke to owner Shawn Keller.

“Arnie Lingwall’s bike is in the shop just waiting for him to pick it up, ” Keller said. “We’re not going to finish it cause we can’t get all the parts.”

Keller said he would have finished the bike long ago but he didn’t have the right parts — which he said is expensive. He also said Lingwall refused to pay for the parts.

But Lingwall said he gave the shop lots of money for parts over the course of the year and a half his bike was there. His bank statements seem to validate those claims. Get Gephardt showed those statements to Keller.

“All I can tell you is, I sold him parts for discounted amounts and I took our normal labor rate of $85 per hour, ” Keller said. “He told us he needed help and so I was trying to help him, but I told him I could only work on it my spare time.”

With that, Get Gephardt delivered to Lingwall a message from Keller: his bike wasn’t done but he could come get it if he wants.

Lingwall did, then paid a different shop to finish the repairs.

Source: kutv.com

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