How to Tie Down a Sportbike
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How to Tie Down a Sportbike?

Place a motorcycle wheel chock towards the front of your truck bed or trailer. A motorcycle wheel chock is a wedge of metal or another sturdy material placed in front of the motorcycle’s front wheel to prevent any movement.

Load your motorcycle into the truck bed or trailer. Push the motorcycle up a ramp, or have some helpers pick up the sport bike to get it into the truck bed or trailer.

Push the front wheel into the motorcycle wheel chock.

Wrap soft loops around the base of the left and right side handle bars. Soft loops are straps that keep the hooks of your ratchet straps off of your motorcycle to prevent scratching.

Hook your ratchet straps to the other end of your soft loops on the handle bars. Ratchet straps are made for standard tie down applications and help keep your motorcycle firmly secured.

Attach the other end of your ratchet straps to a secure point on your truck or trailer.

Tighten your ratchet straps. Pull the slack out of one strap and tighten it gently. Repeat the action on the other ratchet strap. Each strap needs to be pulled tight enough so the bike will be standing upright with the aid of the straps.

Find a stable component on either side of the rear of your motorcycle. Every motorcycle is a little different, so make sure that the part you choose is a sturdy and structural component of the motorcycle, such as the frame.

Wrap soft loops around each of your stable components on the rear of your motorcycle.


Attach your ratchet straps. Hook your ratchet straps to the soft loops on your motorcycle and to the bed of your truck or trailer.


Tighten the ratchet straps on the back of the motorcycle. Pull the slack from the straps and then pull them tight.


Double check all four straps. Make sure that each one is tight and hasn’t become loose during the process of tying down your motorcycle.



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