Moto Guzzi Race Bike
Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

Moto Guzzi Race Bike

Riding at lap record pace Roberto Pagetelli (aka Rob Paget) delighted his growing (female) fan club with four race wins across two days. Despite heavy pressure from the top classic racing guys and starting from the back of the grid, Roberto won by a bike length on the line in race 3, having dominated by up to 12 seconds the other three races. This despite a the team rising to new depths of collective incompetence (e.g. driving van into a kerb one the way top the circuit bursting a tyre thus arriving late for practice, Roberto completing one race with his mobile phone in his breast pocket which rang/vibrated whilst braking into the Gooseneck and the team getting back to the circuit on Sunday so late on Sunday morning that the race was about to start…). Just like MotoGP…

One of those pivotal days up there with your first glass of Vimto. Having failed to register the Guzzi for the series (O婬ly now installed as Team Principle and Head of Hot Beverages, once again to blame) Rob Paget was forced to start Race 1 at the back of the grid in 15th on the Guzzi. The standard of entry is good, with some Ducati Pantahì ¶ery trick looking BMW Kì ³ome Rob North framed Triumph triples with top classic boys on, a couple of Laverdaà¡®d Nigel Clarke on his ex-Raceco Guzzi. Around at the other side of the circuit, the team await the field coming around on the first lap, unbelievably Rob achieved a lightening start to be sixth at the end of the first lap. Going into Edwinaࢥnd on lap 2 the Pag moved up two places to fourth; the team could not believe it and are shouting to stop the race now thatࡳ this is good as it gets ! Lap four Rob moves up in to second, lap five he takes the lead, we canà±µite believe it. A standard framed, road spec. engined Guzzi has just won the opening BEARS race; the team were literally in tears. Nine years of trudging around the fag end of UK circuits now all seem worthwhile. Race 2 was almost a repeat, again from the back of the grid the Pag took the lead on lap 4 to win the eight lapper by 4 seconds, we had reached the promised land. So with an (insane) talented club racer and a Guzzi Le Mans 4 rebuilt in Andyge 4à²ont room, we had won the opening 2012 BEARS races run for the first time in 20 years.




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