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Circuit of America MotoGP
Britain has two riders in the top six, with Scott Redding in fourth and Cal Crutchlow in fifth. The top six is completed by class rookie Jonas Folger on the satellite Yamaha. 2017 MotoGP standings 1. Maverick Vinales (Yamaha) 50... Read More
Italian Sportbike
The Italian Volt Lacama is a custom electric motorcycle destined for riders that can afford to stand out (Credit: Italian Volt) With a name that speaks for itself, startup Italian Volt has introduced its first electric motorcycle. With sportbike performance... Read More
Bike Racing Sports
Cycling has been shown to confer considerable benefits in terms of health. The replacement of car trips with cycling and public transport use in Barcelona has led to a reduction in overall deaths of 66.12 although there were an estimated... Read More
Motorbike Road Racing UK
To go racing you will need to complete a Compulsory Training Course (CTC) and Basic Riding Assessment (BRA) to obtain your ACU licence. Our ACU Licence Assessments are £139 and in the summer months spanning across a late afternoon to... Read More
Best First Sportbike
There are two kinds of would-be motorcycle riders: Those who know exactly what motorcycle they want to buy and those who are so bewildered by the huge range of options and confusing nomenclature that they have no idea how to... Read More
CBR Sportbike
Sportbikes always look like they’re made for mischief, but Honda’s working hard to put out small-displacement performance machines that are fun without being intimidatingly extreme. For 2016 the mid-range CBR500R is lighter and apparently even easier to get on and... Read More
STG Sportbike
I got these warmers just in time for a track day – STG shipping on time as usual!Using street tires you can get by without warmers, but those first few laps you need to be so careful. If you want... Read More
BMW 600 Sportbike
The BMW automotive group—with Rolls Royce, Mini, BMW and Husqvarna included—sees BMW Motorrad as the “center of competence for mobility concepts, ” expected to spearhead the push to merge (or maybe just blur) the gap between cars and single-track vehicles,... Read More
Cheapest Sportbike to Insurance
Now that you have found the bike for you, it’s time to get it insured. But, before you call just any insurance agent you will want to learn how the insurance company decides your rate. By educating yourself on how... Read More
Sportbike Powder Coatings
Polaris decided to add to its assortment of outdoor recreational equipment with a line of motorcycles… Some Victory motorcycle parts are powder coated in a Nordson booth that is programmed to move in and out according to part size. Prime... Read More