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Sportbike Cruise Control

Automatic and Adaptive Cruise Control For Sportbikes

If you are looking for an automatic or adaptive cruise control for your sport bike, you’ve come to the right place. Modern motorcycles are computer controlled, and many have Adaptive or Dynamic option packages that include a lean-angle-enabled Dynamic Traction Control. Plus, there’s a throttle lock and brake away that you can add to your current system.

Modern motorcycle cruise control systems are computer-controlled

If you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, chances are you are familiar with the factory cruise control option. But there is a difference between this and the modern computer controlled version.

The latest systems for motorcycles use radar and sensors. They detect the distance traveled by vehicles ahead and alert the ECU when the vehicle has decelerated or speeded up. This information is sent to the ECU and it then raises the throttle to catch up with the vehicle.

When the sensor identifies an obstacle, it triggers the adaptive cruise control system. It then speeds up or slows down to accommodate the obstacle. This is a convenience feature and it makes driving safer.

Dynamic option package adds lean-angle-enabled Dynamic Traction Control

If you have ever thought about a new motorcycle, there’s a good chance you have considered a Yamaha YZF-R1. This mid-engined, sporty roadster boasts power delivery responses that match the demands of the driver, as well as an innovative exhaust system that incorporates a small rear silencer. You can opt for a range of optional electronic aids, including a factory-installed GPS mount. Also available is an option package that adds heated grips and side bag mounts.

The YZF-R1 also comes with a host of standard electronics, including a lean angle sensor, a hill-start control, and a wheelie-limiter. It also offers a plethora of options, from cruise control to a full range of weather protection.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control for sportbikes is becoming the norm. It’s a safety system that detects when another vehicle is approaching and then backs off your cruising speed. The system works with input from your engine, wheel speed sensors, inertial measurement units, and the other vehicles around you.

ACC is a feature that can be purchased as an option on several motorcycles. However, it isn’t available for every sportbike. Some manufacturers, like Honda, haven’t announced that they’re planning to add it to their high-end models yet. And others, like BMW, aren’t even announcing that it’s coming to their bikes yet.

Honda is planning to add radar-assisted adaptive cruise to its soon-to-be-released Gold Wing. Meanwhile, BMW has a front-mounted radar in its new R 18 Transcontinental.


BrakeAway is a mechanical cruise control that combines the best features of both the throttle lock and the electronic equivalent. Basically, it is a small device that sits on your brake pedal and holds the throttle in position until you release it. It is also a great idea for people with circulation problems and arthritis.

One of the most important functions of this device is that it is not compatible with any heated grips. This is important because it is a safety hazard when making turns. Another nifty feature of this device is the fact that it can be installed in about an hour.

ATLAS Throttle Lock

The ATLAS throttle lock is an excellent option for sportbike cruise control. It’s easy to install and works with heated grip wires.

There are many different models of throttle locks. They are sold in top or bottom mount kits. Most riders will opt for the bottom kit.

The ATLAS has a very simple design, with a friction pad that locks the throttle in place. It can also be manually overridden.

While it isn’t the most advanced throttle lock in the world, it is the best one in its class. It has a knurled knob that makes it easy to operate.

The ATLAS also has two buttons that engage and disengage the unit. This makes it more convenient than the friction knob.


If you are a biker who has a sportbike, you can enable cruise control with the help of the Tuneboy software. It requires the user to flash their ECU with the help of a computer. This software provides a wide range of options for tuning the bike.

You can use this software to tune the motor and install a custom map. For example, you can load a power trim map, which will adjust the throttle to maintain a certain speed. Or you can enable launch control to control the rate of motor revs in the first gear.

The software works by reading the contents of the ECU. After the ECU is loaded, you need to turn the bike off for thirty seconds.


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