Sportbike Rentals
Image by Akhil Desai from Pixabay

Sportbike Rentals

First things first: Where else in the Bay Area can you rent some of the fastest production motorcycles in the world? Nowhere. These guys have a nice selection of comparatively tame 600’s, as well as the monstrous Ducati 1098 for those of us that just have to give it a try.

I was impressed by their professionalism. While their website is fairly underwhelming in my view, on the ground they appear to take very good care of their bikes, take the time to go over the bike with you, do thorough pre-ride safety inspections, etc. I appreciated that they took all this seriously – not just a pro forma routine. If I’m going 0-60 in 2.5s, I want to know that the bike’s as safe as possible under the circumstances.

I think they can improve on their gear selection. When I went, they didn’t have a good selection of gear in my size. While I ended up with reasonable stuff, I would strongly recommend bringing your own gloves, jacket and helmet, if you have them.


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