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Trelleborg Dirt Bike Tires

Trolleyborg Motorcycle Tires

If you’re looking for a set of motorcycle tires, it’s important to choose a brand that will last a long time. With a brand like Trolleyborg, you’ll be happy with your purchase for years to come. The company offers a wide variety of tires to suit different types of riding conditions, and they are known to be able to handle the roughest terrains.


Mitas XT-754 motorcycle tires have a lot to offer. These tyres are designed to provide outstanding traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Their casing is soft and semi-soft while the tread pattern provides an ideal combination of grip and speed.

The XT 754 is the successor of the venerable Trelleborg 744 Tenmasters. It boasts a number of features that include a unique casing design, slanted square studs, and a tread design that is not for the faint of heart. They are also available in spike execution, which will certainly come in handy when you have to tackle the icy roads of winter.

In addition to its slick tyres, Mitas has a surprisingly large product line that includes everything from go-karts to massive earth moving machinery. This company is also part of the prestigious Trelleborg Wheel Systems global business network.


Mitas’ TERRA FORCE-MX SM motocross tire offers enhanced traction on soft surfaces. This new generation of motocross tyre features a tapered knob design that digs deep into the soft ground.

The motocross tyre is available in three different versions, each optimized for a specific type of terrain. These tires are intended for professional riders looking for high performance and are available from April.

The SM Super version is specifically designed for cross country racing. In addition to its new tread pattern, this tire boasts improved acceleration and cornering. It also offers enhanced traction on hard and soft surfaces.

TERRA FORCE-MX-SM is available in three sizes, namely 70/100-14, 90/100-14, and 100/100-14. It is also suitable for junior motocross racers. Among the various advantages of the SM motocross tire is its self cleaning ability.


Mitas is one of the most prominent motorcycle tire brands in Europe and North America. Its products are endorsed by motorcycling champions and are known for excellent reliability. The company has been in business for over fifty years and produces tires for motocross, enduro, and rally machines. Among its other tyres are the Mitas Custom Force range, which offers high performance custom cruiser tires.

The latest addition to the Mitas tire portfolio is the SPORT FORCE + EV. This advanced version of the original Mitas SPORT FORCE+ uses Multi Compound Tread Technology (MCTT) to ensure superior performance in various weather conditions and at extreme lean angles.

The SPORT FORCE + EV is specially designed for riders who seek maximum control. These tires provide great grip at all times, even under extreme braking and cornering. They are also designed to deliver precise steering.


Mitas AGRITERRA tires are fast, durable and efficient. These agricultural tyres provide a wide range of uses for both light and heavy agricultural implements. The low noise, low rolling resistance and excellent self-cleaning properties of these tires are excellent for a variety of applications.

Mitas AGRITERRA is an advanced radial tyre line that was developed for non-drive axles on a variety of vehicles. These tires have a high load-carrying capacity through a large volume of air. They also feature a deep tread design to transmit traction on wet ground. In addition, the large contact patch ensures gentle handling of the ground.

The new Mitas AGRITERRA line has two different tire types: the TL and the VF. The TL tyre has a broader range of uses, which includes the tyre for a wide variety of agricultural vehicles. However, the VF is specifically designed for a more high-powered tractors.

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